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Daai6 gaa1 hou2! Hou2 loi6 mou5 keng1! Hi everyone, long time no talk!

It's MAY! Already! And this means it's also the first day of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!!!!!! What an honour it is to be of these identities.

(AND of Pacific Islander Identities!)

In celebration of this month, I'm wanting to kickstart it with a new episode of my podcast!!

Hold up, did you know I have a podcast? If you didn't know, now ya know!!! It's titled "What Caa4 Thinking?", a podcast that creates space for folks of the Cantonese Diaspora, and those that engage with Cantonese communities, to share our thoughts on our cultures, our futures and anything else on our minds– all over tea, or "caa4".

I created this podcast as a way to create space for folks to share their stories, and to nurture community. Today's episode is "EP 2: Chosen Family: Rediscovering and Honouring Cantonese Traditions" with Kaitlin Chan! A wearer of many hats, she is a cartoonist and cultural worker in Hong Kong. Join us as we share our experiences on how we've redefined family, and how we celebrate Cantonese holidays at this point in our lives.

Let me know what you think! I have some other great guests coming on, and I can't wait for you all to hear more. If you prefer to listen than watch, you can find my podcast listed on these platforms:

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